What is the best cancer prevention?

Doing the regular exercise

Cancer is a fatal disease that can attack anyone at various age levels. The cause of cancer does not know for sure. However, having a bad lifestyle, consuming certain foods and stress can be a trigger for the cancer cell to grow in the body. What is the best cancer prevention to do? Here are the lists.

Consuming Raw Food
You can start to consume raw fruits and vegetables from now on. Raw fruits and vegetables contain more fiber, vitamin, and mineral which is needed for the body. Before consuming the raw fruits and vegetables, don’t forget to wash it with flowing water. Raw vegetables and fruits have low fat which is good for the body. You can prevent prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, colon, and pancreatic cancer by consuming raw vegetables and fruits,

Stop Smoking
It is widely known that smoking is a bad habit that can damage the lung’s health. It can cause lung cancer. The residue of cigarette can go through the lung and damage it. It leads to various diseases and one of them is cancer.

The type of cancers which cause by the cigarette are lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, tongue cancer, colon cancer and more. There is no reason to smoke while visiting. It is a bad habit that gives so many negative effects to the body.

Doing the regular exercise
Exercise can help the body to stay fit and prevent various diseases. By doing the exercise regularly, you can maintain your weight and lower the high cholesterol because the fat will be burned into the sweat. Regular exercise proves can lower the risks of color and breast cancer.
There are many ways can be done as the cancer prevention. You need to consume healthy food, stop smoking and doing the regular exercise to make your body fit and healthy.


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