Types of Cancer Prevention

Types of Cancer Prevention

Cancer becomes one of the silent killers which attack most people in the world. The early stage of cancer is hardly known by the patients which becomes the common reason why it is hard to cure cancer in advanced stages. In fact, there are three types of cancer prevention that can be an effective way to reduce death due to cancer.

The Primary Prevention
This kind of method aims to reduce the risk of cancer due to the carcinogens. You need to cut off or eliminate the environment for the carcinogens to develop. The way is you can cut off your bad habits and lifestyle, such as avoiding cigarette and alcohol. Another method to cut off the carcinogens is by consuming the healthy food and reducing the use of salt. No sugar and high cholesterol meals. The last method is doing the regular exercise to make your body fit and healthy.

The Secondary Prevention
In secondary prevention, you need to perform medical screening and general check-in, such as a mammogram, Pap smear test and so on. Those medical checks can identify any changes in the body which consider as the abnormal before it grows in advance to be any type of cancer. The prevention activities can be done to stop the cancer cells.

The Tertiary Prevention
The tertiary prevention focuses on the control of cancer. It combines various aspects which spotlight the care of the patients, such as the therapies, surgical, lifestyle, and palliative care.
All the types of cancer preventions are aiming to prevent the abnormal changes from the very beginning stages, where you need to perform a healthy life habit that can help you away from experiencing cancer. There are several types of cancer prevention. They are primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.


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