The Genetic Research Can Be Used to Treat Cancer

The Genetic Research Can Be Used to Treat Cancer

According to WHO, there are more than 14 million people suffer from cancer each year. This is a huge number that needs to concern seriously. Medical experts and scientists tried to find the solution by doing research to find the cure of cancer. One of them comes from the researchers in Maine, where the researchers conducted the genetic research.

– The Genetic Research
The researchers in the Jackson Laboratory, Maine are studying on the genetic research which can be the solution for the effective cancer treatment. The genetic method doesn’t have any side effect like other cancer treatments. The subject of the research is the mouse cells.

The subjects already infected by cancer. There are two types of cells which grow in the body of the subjects. They are normal and cancer cells. The researchers found through the research and experiment that the cancer cells destroyed themselves. The researchers have given the cells a kind of molecule that can drive the cancer cell-destroying its cells rather than growing.
Kevin Mills, one of the researcher said that the researchers in Jackson Laboratory, Maine have found a genetic program which beliefs can be used to destroy the cancer cells in the subject’s body.

– How does it work?
The cancer cells mutate rapidly so it is difficult to prevent and oppose. However, the cancer cells also can prevent its mutation to grow rapidly. The new molecule which is created and developed by the researchers in Jackson Laboratory, Maine can eliminate the ability the cancer cells to control the mutation process.

The molecule works by joining the defense mechanism which is needed by the cancer cell but not needed by the normal cells. The mutation program in the cancer cells caused the cancer cells to destroy themselves. Kevin Mills explains how the molecule works in the genetics research does.

This is good news for the medical world. The Oncology expert, Thomas Openshaw welcomed the news. However, it is still waiting for the result of the research trial on humans. The enzyme is on the normal cell. Further researches about this new method to treat cancer on human are needed to conduct to see the result and effects.
Kevin Mills and said that this new method or therapy doesn’t cause any side effect, like chemotherapy. This new therapy may be able to treat all the types of cancer.
The genetic research promises better cancer treatment for human without any side effect. However, further researches and studies on human still need to conduct to see the result on the human body.


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