Super Foods for Cancer Prevention

Food takes an important role in our health. It affects our body depending on what type of foods that we consume. There is some food that belongs to super foods since it has strong ingredients to prevent cancer. If you are looking for information of best food for cancer prevention, here are the lists:

Green Vegetables
Every vegetable that has green leaves contains folate, fiber, and carotenoids that can help to prevent cancer. Folate and Carotenoids which are found in the green vegetables is nutrition that can prevent certain types of cancer. The fiber helps to protect the body to fight colorectal cancer. Meanwhile, the folate and carotenoids work by preventing mouth and laryngeal cancer. Carotenoids are a good antioxidant that can fight the growth of various cancer cells in the body.

Berries become the next super food that can be consumed to prevent cancer. There is phytochemical in berries which play an important role to prevent the growth of cancer cell. Most berries have high vitamin C that protects the digestive tract from cancer. Berries also contain ellagic acid that functions as the antioxidant for the body to neutralize some carcinogens.

Don’t you know that garlic contains some anti-cancer nutrients which are good for our health? They are allicin, quercetin, allyl sulfides, and allicin. These nutrients function to slow the growth of the carcinogenic prostate, colon, and bladder which can lead to cancer. The other nutrients in garlic, which is diallyl disulfide, can prevent lung cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, and leukemia. The best way to consume garlic as the super food for the cancer prevention is by eating it raw.

You can prevent cancer to grow in your body by eating the super food for fighting the cancer cell to grow and spread to the body. Super foods which can be used to cancer prevention are green vegetables, berries, and garlic.


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