Research and Cancer Prevention: The Current Findings

Research and Cancer Prevention: The Current Findings

Research and Cancer Prevention: The Current Findings – Cancer has been studied for a long time. Especially in America, these studies are conducted by many professionals, scholars and chosen volunteers. These big number of people then divided into several groups, taking notes on specific cases. As the result of the studies, there are some findings and future topics to cover.

Result of Studies
1. Smoking And Lung Cancer Are Connected.
Back in 1964, many surgeons concludes that smoking habits leads to lung cancer. Since then, many studies on smoking impact are conducted. Other study in 2014 mentioned that smoking habit kills more than 450.000 Americans per year. This number is even higher than the growth of online games players in per year.

2. Obesity Rises The Risk Of Cancer.
Another American problem to solve is obesity. Many children and adults weigh more than they should as the result of bad diet and too much junk food. People with obesity are more prone to colorectal, breast cancer and other cancer types.

3. Aspirin Might Help To Lower Cancer Risk.
This finding was released to public around 1990s. Researchers was studying regular aspirin dosage to lower the chance of getting colorectal cancer. Years later, this argument is confirmed. Later, many more studies try to find whether aspirin could help with another cancer type.

4. Cancer Might Be Caused By Genetic Mutation
This case is strongly directed towards pancreatic, prostate and breast cancer. Many people believe that these cancers are inherited to next generation. Recent finding finds that genetic mutation plays important role as well.

Extended Area For Future Studies
1. People Aged 65
Looking closely at cancer cases, there is one similarity point; most patients are 65 years old or older. Given the situation now, you could expect around 80 millions of 65 years old patients in 2050. During these years, researchers should pay close attention to cancer triggering risk or cancer prevention steps.

Research and Cancer Prevention

2. E-Cigarettes And Second Hand Smoker
Recently people are hooked to e-cigarettes. It is the modern way to smoke, which many people believe to be safer than real cigarettes. There is no deep study about this matter, as well as the effect of early age second hand smoker. It includes children and babies, which usually play around smoking adults.

As people and lifestyle changes, health studies related to cancer will have differences as well. The current finding could be a great guide, but researchers and medical experts should pay attention to the open possibilities as well. Thus, the cancer research will still run, probably even more challenging than before.


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