Cancer Prevention: Stay Positive and Say No to Carbohydrate & Sugar

No to Carbohydrate & Sugar

Dealing with cancer is a hard thing to do. It is not only the patient but also for the family. They needs to have strong willingness and positive energy to deal with all the up and down during the treatment process. It is better to prevent than to cure cancer. Here is what you need to do to stay away from getting cancer.

Stay Positive
Keep the anger inside of you is not good for you, not only for your body but also your soul. Keeping the anger inside of you is like drinking the poison. You keep that poison inside your body until one day it reaches its limited capacity and explodes in your body.

Let go your anger by doing the positive things. You can exercise, meditate yoga, do your hobbies or write on your diary to let go the negative emotion.

The emotional triggers which are caused by anger, stress, and anxiety can cause the release of the stress hormone which is called Cortisol. The increasing of the Cortisol can decrease the level of the body immune in the human body. When the immune system doesn’t work as its function, the normal cells can transform and mutate into the cancer cells. The more you get depressed, the more the chance of the cancer cells mutate into your body.

Therefore, let go of your stress, depressions, anxiety and other negative emotion from your soul. Be happy and grateful for every little thing you have in your life

Say No to Carbohydrate & Sugar
The cancer cells grow rapidly in our body because our body provides its food. The food of the cancer cells is carbohydrate and sugar. Therefore it is better for you to cut or at least limit the assumption of your carbohydrate and sugar.

Change your lifestyle by limiting your assumption on carbohydrate and sugar. You can change the assumption of carbohydrate and sugar with vegetables and fruits. You can drink fruit juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. The over-consumption of carbohydrate and sugar can lead to obesity which becomes the biggest problem. Obesity is the beginning of all type of diseases. Research has found that obesity can trigger 13 types of cancer to grow in our body.

In conclusion, it can be concluded that it is better to stay away from the trigger of cancer rather than curing the disease. To prevent your body from manifesting cancer cells, you can start to live healthy by eliminating those negative feeling and emotion also limiting the assumption of sugar & carbohydrate.


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