A Cancer Research: Is Emotion Can Trigger Cancer?

A Cancer Research: Is Emotion Can Trigger Cancer – Emotion said can trigger the development of cancer cell in the body. Cancer patients need strong and positive words that can encourage them to be strong and happy. Is negative emotion really can be a trigger for the cancer cell to grow in the body? Is there a medical prove for this issue? Let’s find for the explanation.
– The Cancer Researches
The relation between emotion and the growth of the cancer cell is already demonstrated through the researches by the scientists and the medical experts. Professor David Spiegel from Standford University School of Medicine makes research to find out the relation of negative emotion towards the development of the cancer cell. This research focuses on negative emotion, such as stress and depression. Another research is done by Professor Asya Rolls from Rappaport Faculty of Medicine. The professor and his team test how emotion can affect the response of body immune toward the cancer cell. As we know that nowadays, immunotherapy gains its popularity as one of the best treatment to overcome certain disease, such as cancer. Through this treatment, the patients need to increase their immune system in the body.

– The Result
Through the research done by and his team, it is found that the weight and size of the cancer cell getting smaller and reduced to more than 50 percent. By giving the positive stimulate to VTA or Vental Tegmented Area which functions to communicate with the limbic system to process emotion, the cancer cell can reduce to the smaller size and weight. The positive emotion can be transmitted to the VTA to passing through the activity of the retail system in the brain can help to regulate which immune system works.

Cancer is one of the dangerous diseases which can cause serious depression to the patient. The positive and happy environment can help the patient to survive. By knowing the relation between the positive emotion and the cancer cell, hopefully, it can be a logical reason for cancer patients out there to be a positive person.


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